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unreal / нереальный, ненастоящий, воображаемый
имя прилагательное
unreal, unrealistic, insubstantial, imaginary, vaporous, aerial
unreal, tin, mimic, seeming
imaginary, fancied, visionary, notional, imaginable, unreal
имя прилагательное
so strange as to appear imaginary; not seeming real.
in the half-light the tiny cottages seemed unreal
She said for the 10th time since I'd told her my extraordinary news, ‘This is just unreal .’
It has a wonderful atmosphere about it, with larger-than-life characters and a slightly unreal , fantasy feel.
Being seven floors up, the ground looked unreal and the people were tiny little creatures of little importance.
But all the clips make the stories look fantastical, unreal .
Now we demand that our celebrities shoulder that burden, saddling them with our hopes and the heavy weight of our often unreal expectations.
"Of course, that denotes a very passionate nature, but one with unreal expectations of love.
Part of the problem with the parliament is, as commentator Iain McWhirter says, naive idealism and, after a 300-year break, unreal expectations.
‘It was unreal , absolutely terrifying,’ she says.
But I spent my adolescence in a country town, and from there, it's the city that's the unreal and very-far-away fantasyland.
Technology has only recently been freed from the unreal fantasies that surrounded its discourse and the model put forth here attempts develop this emerging imagery.