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unreadable / неудобочитаемый, неразборчивый, непригодный для чтения
имя прилагательное
unreadable, illegible
illegible, indiscriminate, promiscuous, unintelligible, unreadable, indecipherable
непригодный для чтения
имя прилагательное
not clear enough to read; illegible.
Her handwriting is chicken scratches, illegible and unreadable .
(of data or a storage medium or device) not capable of being processed or interpreted by a computer or other electronic device.
Trouble was, the bulk of the collection was unreadable : blackened, scorched and damaged, ancient treasures beyond the reach of human eyes.
The type on the map I was using was completely unreadable , and forced me to do the unthinkable: pull over at a gas station and ask for directions!
He has served papers upon the Crown in which his address has been either obscured or certainly made unreadable .
An unreadable scrawl that took hours to decipher.
But it's the language I never found out how to read… it's… unreadable to me.
So why was I reading Kristof if I've already said he's unreadable ?
Some retailers have only grudgingly implemented it, in some cases by using a typeface which is small enough to be unreadable .
Her handwriting is chicken scratches, illegible and unreadable .
Although the young invited audience had been given a copy of the constitution, a large majority confessed that it was unreadable and incomprehensible.
These problems do not make African Rock Art unreadable , however, and the writing is clear enough for nonspecialists to understand.