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unravel / распутывать, разгадывать, распутываться
unravel, untangle, disentangle, untwine, ravel, decipher
unravel, guess, decipher, puzzle out, unriddle, riddle
unravel, disentangle, untwine
undo (twisted, knitted, or woven threads).
There are some threads that once pulled unraveled the whole sweater.
investigate and solve or explain (something complicated or puzzling).
they were attempting to unravel the cause of death
So, it seemed in the final days, as they were moving forward this supposed move to North Carolina, everything began to unravel .
But even in the context of these two success stories, categories of identity began to unravel early.
A team of auditors are currently going through the college books in a bid to unravel the complicated dealings of a network of companies set up by former principal David Eade.
The future Aristide had promised began to unravel .
But those norms began to unravel in the 1970's and have done so at an accelerating pace.
Certainly with the Jack Kelley case, you began to see things unravel .
That his effort is in vain can be inferred from the strands of gold thread that unravel from the bride's veil, sewn across the paper in large deliberate stitches.
Then, when the toe goes, you can just unravel the stitches from the end and re-knit the cap exactly as in your original pattern.
According to Cammack, the policy of containment is already beginning to unravel .
On top of that, his marriage had begun to unravel .