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unrated / нетаксированный
имя прилагательное
not having received a rating or assessment.
Now the circle is complete, so that every reported imprint has either one of the six rarity ratings or is unrated .
With such graphic detail, this DVD of the film is unrated as it restores many ‘cuts’ that were deemed too graphic for movie audiences of the time.
Blockbuster Video, shopping mall owners and some newspapers banned the NC - 17 and unrated films, the same as they had the ‘X’ rating.
Six are needed for a team and up to ten rigid wing pilots can go (two unrated rigid wing pilots want to come).
But the DVD release should be available unrated everywhere…
I decided to start at the beginning and see how many of the unrated songs I could get through today.
Gruesome, imaginative and completely unforgettable (at least in its original, unrated form), Re-Animator remains Gordon's most celebrated achievement.
A copy of the unrated version of ‘Requiem for a Dream,’ so he can see what sexist and offensive really looks like.
Despite preemptive warnings that this material is unrated and not suited for the younger set, there's nothing terribly gruesome or graphic here.
Filtering persuades content producers to participate in ratings systems because search engines and, increasingly, browsers may be set to ignore unrated sites.
The film had to be released unrated or else it would have received an NC - 17, despite containing no violence.