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unquiet / беспокойный, взволнованный
имя прилагательное
restless, troubled, troublesome, hectic, anxious, unquiet
excited, agitated, thrilled, moved, nervous, unquiet
имя существительное
concern, anxiety, worry, trouble, disturbance, unquiet
имя прилагательное
not inclined to be quiet or inactive; restless.
she prowled at night like an unquiet spirit
So, our community honors our blessed ancestors; those people summon up the evil spirits of the unquiet dead.
Cyrus is after another unquiet soul to add to what looks like a spectral petting zoo in the basement of his state - of-the-art glass mansion.
The darkening sky cast the dead stone landscape into nightmare shadows like an unquiet cemetery.
Unlike Mouseman and Swordsman I don't think that Mandleson will rise from his unquiet grave just yet.
It ushered in an unquiet century of warfare, the bloodiest since the thirty years war which had destroyed central Europe three centuries earlier.
Portofino, or Port of Dolphins as it was called by Pliny, has attracted tourists since long before de Maupassant sailed into its cupped harbour to ‘find peace for his unquiet spirit’.
Missives from Fox's unquiet mind, as she struggles to meet the intelligentsia's high standards for motherhood.
These are unquiet presences, artefacts that assume the nature of living things.
It's also fair to say that I would nonetheless like a companion to share it with, and that in my more unquiet moments I get annoyed with myself for what seems like a superfluous desire; after all, I don't need a partner to make me happy.
These are in fact unquiet borderlands and are witness to cross-border insurgency, gun-running, narcotics and AIDS, smuggling, money laundering, trafficking in women and illicit immigration.