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unquestioned / неопрошенный, не вызывающий сомнения, неоспариваемый
имя прилагательное
не вызывающий сомнения
имя прилагательное
not disputed or doubted; certain.
his loyalty to John is unquestioned
The more our media toes the ANC party line and offers no investigation or resistance, the more we are left with a true one-party state, unquestioned , unchallenged and unanswerable to its people.
Their sincerity is unquestioned , evidenced by their use of random capitalization in their mail outs.
These themes are underpinned by unquestioned assumptions about the dangers of modern life, lazily repeated like a mantra through much of the media.
One benefit of comparative philosophy lies in the way that it forces reflection on the most deeply entrenched and otherwise unquestioned agendas and assumptions of one's own tradition.
Words and terminologies that were once accepted or unquestioned are now being changed in all languages because over a period of time these words have lost their original meaning and acquired negative connotations.
One of the first things I learned on the job was that some of my own unquestioned assumptions about how to work with patients would need to change.
It was an unquestioned assumption in all of my science classes that nothing exists except natural phenomena.
Lisa's unquestioned acceptance of Homer's right and responsibility to exercise his chance-won power reveals the post-modernist attitude towards authority and power.
Interestingly, in his 1998 article, Coyne reflects on why there was such general and unquestioned acceptance of the original research.
Assumptions are viewed as self-evident, unquestioned , and a starting point for reasoning.