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unpublished / неопубликованный, неизданный
имя прилагательное
unpublished, inedited
unpublished, unedited, inedited
имя прилагательное
(of a piece of writing or music) not issued in print for public sale or consumption.
Eventually he ascertained that most of the music was unpublished and still awaiting public discovery.
The result of her research is a new biography, Perdita: The Life of Mary Robinson, which includes much unpublished material.
This latest collection, which brings a host of unpublished poems into the public domain, is the perfect marriage of old and new.
So what am I saying - that new and as yet unpublished writers have to work to higher standards than established names like Grisham and Christie?
I'm complaining about a life just outside every failed or unpublished writer's reach.
Among the several unpublished pieces that are found among Baraka's manuscripts there is much of interest.
For this part, she has traced an astonishing abundance of literature and unpublished archival material.
We considered all published and unpublished material, with no restrictions on date or language.
He shared his secret, the unpublished collection of photographs, with the people at Waverley Care.
She was a strong writer but her works were private and unpublished , and, therefore, invisible to the public.
She might guess at my eagerness, but then, that's practically a hallmark of unpublished authors.