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unprompted / спонтанный, самопроизвольный, сделанный по собственному почину
имя прилагательное
spontaneous, unprompted, extemporaneous
spontaneous, unprompted
сделанный по собственному почину
имя прилагательное
said, done, or acting without being encouraged or assisted.
unprompted remarks
without being encouraged or assisted to say or do something.
unprompted, helpful conductors advised me to change at Thornaby
Without being asked about McNaughton he volunteered the unprompted observation that he had been ‘nervous’, a remark which so infuriated Aberdeen they complained to the SFA on Thursday.
Pity, Arendt argued, is a concern for the misery of another unprompted by intimacy with, or love for, the sufferer.
Although our research protocol did not have specific questions about time-out, many clients mentioned this procedure unprompted .
Given the lack of significant adoption of community unionism as an organising strategy at national level, there remains the possibility of local initiatives unprompted by national decisions.
Here we use functional magnetic resonance imaging to identify and characterize the neural substrates that support unprompted auditory imagery and find that auditory and visual imagery seem to obey similar basic neural principles.
So I am not surprised that my memory has just reminded me, unprompted , that a ‘rozzer’ is cockney slang for a police person.
Unlikely as it is, even if Trinley Dorje did depart unprompted and unassisted from his ‘gilded cage’, then he has leapt from the frying pan into the fire.
However, people with Huntington's disease cannot perform even a simple sequence of tasks unprompted as would be the case at even a low level job.
No, these were entirely unscripted, unprompted , and for that matter, uncalled for assessments.
This is the first instance of unprompted reading without clues or context.