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unpromising / неутешительный, не подающий никаких надежд, не обещающий ничего хорошего
имя прилагательное
disappointing, unpromising
не подающий никаких надежд
не обещающий ничего хорошего
имя прилагательное
not giving hope of future success or good results.
the boy's natural intellect had survived in unpromising circumstances
Even the most unpromising small plot can be transformed into a successful garden with hints which will show you just what can be achieved when space and time are at a premium.
And people are going to keep using the flag, some to celebrate a heroic past, some to protest an unpromising future.
Despite the unpromising subject matter Tintin became a soaring success and the print run for the supplement soon had to be increased.
Born in Beverley in 1949, his rise to success from distinctly unpromising beginnings is an inspiration to other young artists.
But if the premise is unpromising , the result is utterly engrossing.
There, ordinary people have learned to be inventive with the most unpromising of materials.
The quality is unknown but when Scotland on Sunday tested bootleg DVDs last year, the results were unpromising .
It spins riveting, moving drama out of the most unpromising premise imaginable: the implementation of the 35-hour working week.
In these unpromising circumstances a living community grows up.
Curaçaoans have always known that success can be distilled from the most unpromising of ingredients.