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unprofessional / непрофессиональный
имя прилагательное
unprofessional, non-professional, lay, amateurish
имя прилагательное
below or contrary to the standards expected in a particular profession.
a report on unprofessional conduct
Complaints are mounting about the unprofessional job the contractors are doing.
Anyway, all of that was the prelude to my slightly unprofessional response to that group this afternoon.
She has a recurring dream, she confides, in which she is a sloppy and unprofessional actress.
It is alleged that his actions at the Leeds jail were indecent, unprofessional and an abuse of his professional position.
I may have said there are people here who are incompetent and unprofessional .
But yesterday Mr Roberts admitted unprofessional and incompetent conduct.
I mean, she even had an unprofessional opening sales pitch.
This isn't sloppy or unprofessional like you may think punk rock must be.
How does the committee expect to find suppliers in the future with this unprofessional conduct?
Pot-smoking, careless, unprofessional , they seem to deserve all the horrors visited on them.