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unprintable / нецензурный, непечатный, непригодный для печати
имя прилагательное
unprintable, unquotable, unmentionable, unrepeatable
unprintable, taboo, tabu
непригодный для печати
имя прилагательное
(of words, comments, or thoughts) too offensive or shocking to be published.
Peter's first reply was unprintable
He offered a few unprintable suggestions for politicians when I spoke to him the other day.
In fact I stalked over to my wife and used some loud and unprintable words to her, as she writes poems which can be almost as obscure as this one and could therefore be expected to see straight into the heart of Anne Carson's project.
And as for what preening churchmen think we ought to drive, well, my sentiments are unprintable .
HELEN FIELDING'S Bridget Jones burst on our subconscious with a wonderful candour and contributed singleton apart from other unprintable words to our lexicon.
I clenched my fists helplessly and struggled back to a sitting position, thinking unprintable thoughts.
Asked for a comment on his team, he snapped: ‘It's probably unprintable .’
On her shirt was an unprintable slogan with the swear word strategically replaced with symbols.
I will also refrain from editing your submissions except in the case of unprintable language or overly confusing punctuation, so keep that in mind if you don't wish to look like a maleducated buffoon.
Watching a not-so-nimble journalist climb a narrow 8m high ladder is, it seems from the reaction of the pros, a fantastic spectator sport but my thoughts are unprintable as I try desperately to cling on to my life - and my dinner.
He loves chattering away but some of his words are unprintable !