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unprepossessing / неказистая
nondescript, unsightly
имя прилагательное
not particularly attractive or appealing to the eye.
despite his unprepossessing appearance he had an animal magnetism
He was unprepossessing in appearance, and suffered from a club foot.
I think, looking at her photographs, you would have to say deeply unprepossessing woman, and he fell utterly and completely in love with her that evening, for ever, and died, really, in her arms, forty years later.
This unprepossessing , humble and exceptionally talented tenor (lacking the prima donna attitude of far too many of his professional colleagues) has been hailed as the greatest living tenor in the world today.
As a boy he was physically weak and maladroit, and at the same time acutely self-conscious about what he felt to be his unprepossessing appearance; in consequence, he played no part in games and tended to be a natural prey to bullies.
The beauty of Durer's sleeping dog lies not in its unprepossessing appearance but in its usefulness as a hunter.
His wife is long gone, and he has lapsed into the unprepossessing lifestyle of the set-in-his-ways mid-lifer: washing up when he feels like it, clothes where he drops them, that sort of thing.
Less than half a block east from MusiquePlus, though, is a little gem of a place called Merveille Istanbul, a small, unprepossessing lunch spot serving tasty and wholesome Turkish eats for very reasonable prices.
Nor did he, like Franklin, turn his unprepossessing physique to his own advantage, creating a homespun, backwoods, authentically ‘American’ persona.
He and his wife are fragile, physically unprepossessing and teary-eyed from the outset.
It was remarkably unprepossessing - a translucent box-shaped blob, six or eight inches high, with threadlike tentacles trailing off beneath it.