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unprepared / неподготовленный, без подготовки, неготовый
имя прилагательное
unprepared, untrained, unequipped, unarranged, unprovided, extemporaneous
без подготовки
unprepared, off-the-cuff
unprepared, unready
имя прилагательное
not ready or able to deal with something.
she was totally unprepared for what happened next
Mia was soon caught unprepared for the sudden rise in altitude that Phyconos performed.
Midwestern soybean growers were caught unprepared for a visit from a foreign aphid during the summer of 2000.
Again, Heather was caught entirely unprepared for the answer and had to search for an appropriate response.
There is at least a tacit nod to the unprepared canvases of Color Field paintings.
Caught unprepared for the insurgency, the Pentagon is now showering money on devices designed to give soldiers an edge in such fighting.
Don't be caught unprepared for pride; check out these must-have products
The rainy season was unusually erratic that year in Wind Dance, and Eider had been caught unprepared for a storm of such force.
Many of Pollock's pictures were painted in black on unprepared , cream-colored canvas, but this one includes large amounts of color.
Malaria spread quickly among the troops, and by August the hospitals filled to capacity, catching the medical personnel unprepared for such an epidemic.
We are, very simply, unprepared for dealing with pangs of shame or for undertaking spiritual soul-searchings.