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unpremeditated / непреднамеренный, неумышленный, не обдуманный заранее
имя прилагательное
unpremeditated, unwitting, purposeless, casual
unintentional, inadvertent, undesigned, unpremeditated, unmeant, unwilled
не обдуманный заранее
unpremeditated, extemporary
имя прилагательное
(of an act, remark, or state) not thought out or planned beforehand.
it was a totally unpremeditated attack
His curiosity about my vision and experiences served to solicit my unscripted, unpremeditated and fairly stream-of-consciousness truth-telling commentary.
"This was not an unpremeditated attack, say the prosecution, and the Crown say this evidence overwhelmingly demonstrates there was cold calculation about the attack upon Mr Turner."
His longest chapter is devoted to the Irish insurrection of 1641, an unpremeditated but also disorganised, unfocused and bloody effort to improve property rights and secure religious freedoms.
How entranced we were in our games, reacting spontaneously and with unpremeditated laughter and tears.
In the same mood, Anonymous by Robert Flynn Johnson (Thames & Hudson £19.95) gives us 220 images by unknown photographers whose images are fresh and unpremeditated .
The 47-year-old Adiguna is charged with unpremeditated murder and illegal possession of a gun, which carry a 15-year prison term and a life sentence respectively.
They looked unpremeditated , as though they were spontaneous, rapidly executed records of fleeting perceptions-like impressions, translated into a shorthand language of stroke and color.
We blow hard against teenagers who have unpremeditated sex but do little to ensure they don't pass on their misfortune or mistakes to their own children.
In the scientific story, as in the culinary one, long-term outcomes were unpremeditated .
He admitted one count of unpremeditated murder and one count of soliciting another soldier to commit unpremeditated murder.