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unprecedented / беспрецедентный, беспримерный, не имеющий прецедента
имя прилагательное
unprecedented, unexampled, without example
unparalleled, unprecedented, unexampled, without example
не имеющий прецедента
имя прилагательное
never done or known before.
the government took the unprecedented step of releasing confidential correspondence
"Debt is at historically unprecedented levels, " according to the Office for National Statistics.
Interestingly, Dean protected, to a nearly unprecedented degree, his and his family's privacy from media inquiry.
The almost unprecedented move would have brought a smile to your million-dollar mug right about now.
Yet he is happy to admit that the man who inherited his job has guided the Giants to unprecedented levels of success.
We put together an unprecedented ground operation, but it was matched by the zealots on the right.
In a very rare, but not unprecedented move, the US Patent Office has nullified a contentious technology patent.
Since it was unique and unprecedented the coin was dismissed as a modern hoax.
Now two victims have taken the unprecedented step of suing the Vatican itself.
We're in a time of almost unprecedented prosperity and peace.
The catastrophe that made all of that a distant memory was equally unprecedented in the history of mankind.