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unpractical / непрактичный, нежизненный
имя прилагательное
impractical, unpractical, unbusinesslike, dreamy, visionary
impracticable, abiotic, unpractical
You are a more unpractical man than I am an unpractical woman, for you don't acknowledge what really exists.
Peake is described in the Dictionary of National Biography as ‘Tall, thin, dark, and haggard gentle, gracious, unworldly, and unpractical .
This made the direct simulation of the orientation pattern by standard procedures unpractical , especially as the C 3 axes were found to be not parallel to any of the unit cell axes.
She tried to climb up to the torn seat, not at ease, since she was wearing a white cotton knee-length skirt, topped with a sky blue tube top and a matching baby blue sheer cover-up and an adorable little white beret, unpractical indeed.
They might work on paper but are completely unpractical in the field ’, he said.
Colonel John Rolt, defence force spokesperson, said the bi-weekly wages proved to be unpractical .
Very unpractical but at least we managed to keep Tommy happy with pizza crust in the mean time. Next time I'll try McDonalds.
Of course, it all sounds a bit fanciful, perhaps even unbelievable, unpractical , but it wasn't as though I were of a brilliant mind and had a university-destined career.
He professes to be unpractical , yet is prone to complex diagrams to explain the inner workings of telecom circuits and market dynamics.
Rossendale's Mayor, Coun Jimmy Eaton, has already slammed plans as unpractical .