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unplug / отсоединять, вынимать пробку
вынимать пробку
unplug, tap
disconnect (an electrical device) by removing its plug from a socket.
she unplugged the fridge
remove an obstacle or blockage from.
a procedure to unplug blocked arteries
relax by disengaging from normal activities.
they've gone up to the cabin to unplug
The NSC is urging people to ensure they have working smoke alarms, to cover open fires with a spark guard and to remember to extinguish candles and unplug all electrical equipment before going to bed.
Why do I have to unplug the mouse to get the printer to work?
the only thing you can do is to unplug the RJ45
We have all had to reach behind the computer to plug and unplug these devices.
they've gone up to the cabin to unplug
Turn off and unplug the power tool from its power source before you perform any alignment, adjustment, maintenance, or repair procedure.
The only solutions are to physically unplug these appliances, or to turn off their power strips.
My senses recalled the California sunshine and the smell of the Pacific Ocean. It is a good place to unplug .
The jacket will stay hot up to five hours; and when it's time for the laundry pile, just unplug the batteries and switch, and toss it in the Maytag.
For Torah study is the primary way to unplug spiritual blockage, and to remove barriers that prevent one from seeing the truth.