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unplanned / незапланированная
  • unplanned pregnancy - незапланированная беременность
имя прилагательное
not planned.
an unplanned pregnancy
She says the pregnancies, by two different fathers, were unplanned and happened when contraception failed.
The day is quite unplanned as usual, the only thing that was planned got cancelled a while back.
Reports on nuclear accidents and any unplanned discharges of nuclear material are likely to be the subject of public applications.
A military euphemism for unplanned casualties, such as UN officials or Afghan refugees.
I know how scary an unplanned pregnancy is, as my son was conceived when I was 17.
I will never be able to justify what I did, irrespective of the circumstances surrounding the unplanned pregnancy.
The term casualty refers to any unplanned subtraction from a force's fighting strength.
The overall impression is that the town has grown along the waterside in a totally unplanned and chaotic manner.
The first half is unplanned , while the second half features some impromptu sketches and a few guest appearances.
Most of my coaching these days of staff is informal and unplanned .