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unpick / распускать, распарывать
dissolve, dismiss, disband, unpick, expand, undo
rip, unpick, unseam, unstitch, rip up, unrip
undo the sewing of (stitches or a garment).
I unpicked the seams of his trousers
Of course, you need to know beforehand that it fits, because you don't want to have to unpick all this stitching to alter it later.
A detailed analysis of The Prince would be needed in order to unpick the ambivalent feelings Machiavelli had towards Cesare.
In the time I have here I will unpick each one of them.
I am sorry, you are going to have to really unpick this because you have wrapped up in one step what seemed to me to be about four.
It's not exactly the toughest metaphor in the world to unpick .
You would unpick the sides of your jeans and as soon as you sewed the material into it and put them on, you just thought you were gorgeous.
You could try to unpick all the false assumptions in that last sentence, but frankly, its not worth it.
It would take a lifetime to unpick all of the critical readings that he offers in Orientalism.
Elisabeth did not want to unpick the past
We cannot expect a child to analyse branding promotions or to unpick nutritional messages from advertising.