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unperturbed / невозмутимый
имя прилагательное
imperturbable, unflappable, unperturbed, impassive, cool, unstirred
имя прилагательное
not perturbed or concerned.
Kenneth seems unperturbed by the news
The hammerheads looked at one moment cool and unperturbed and then they were gone.
The settlers, unperturbed , insisted that they need not take their ‘cue from barbarians!’
And Clarke, of course, made his name with Fred Dagg, a character who appeared unperturbed to the point of coma.
Again, sources backing up this information are minimal, but Willerbang seemed unperturbed by the sudden departure of his friend and mentor.
Clarke is unperturbed that the first major exhibition of Scottish paintings at the revamped Royal Scottish Academy should be by a pillar of the empire.
The man whose Naya Theatre group revived theatre in the 60's is unperturbed by controversy and likes to move on.
The life-like bambini appeared unperturbed , their faces calm and angelic, their wide eyes turned to the sky.
We realise we might be the youngest people here - many of the clientele enjoyed the Seventies as they happened - but we are unperturbed .
But in actual fact he is unperturbed about the attention.
It had been much too long since she'd experienced such unperturbed tranquility.