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unpaid / неоплаченный, бесплатный, не получающий платы
имя прилагательное
unpaid, unrequited, unredeemed, unsettled
free, gratis, unpaid, chargeless, buckshee, zoom
не получающий платы
имя прилагательное
(of a debt) not yet discharged by payment.
unpaid bills
(of work or a period of leave) undertaken without payment.
unpaid labor in the home
But he chose the unfashionable business stream, and thence with unpaid work experience on the Times business desk.
With this infrastructure in place, what's to keep some group from saying that people with unpaid child support shouldn't be allowed to fly?
Thomas went to his grave regarding Eleanour as nothing more than a dear friend, useful as an unpaid secretary, the willing amanuensis who typed his manuscripts for him.
According to the last census there are 15, 141 of these unsung and unpaid heroes in Merton with around 2,000 of them young carers.
So the fact that the medical debts were unpaid says little, because it may reflect strategic payment of debts prior to bankruptcy.
May said council officials inquired about the unpaid debt shortly after Arthur's death but did not pursue it further until now, five years later.
They've been miscategorizing most identity theft all along - chalking it up to unpaid debt and writing it off.
Since then, Scottish Courage has continued in its efforts to keep the club in business and continued to supply the club - in spite of the unpaid debt.
Surrey's unpaid labourer, Zaheer Khan, is announced fit for the Pakistan match on Sunday.
She also admitted Mr Smith had once driven his car into the owner of the forecourt in Birkenshaw from where he ran a used car lot over an unpaid debt of £50,000.