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unpack / распаковывать, распаковываться, раскладываться
unpack, unbox, uncase
unpack, come undone
open and remove the contents of (a suitcase, bag, or package).
she unpacked her suitcase
Thus, the first thing we need to do here is unpack Lloyd's argument by supplying this missing analysis.
‘Fair enough,’ I said, starting to unpack my bags of bachelor-fare.
To install, first unpack the Logwatch source files and cd into the resulting directory.
She has the tactical nous and the timing to cope with grass and while there is always the danger that she might get overpowered in the latter stages, she should at least have time to unpack her suitcase this time.
It is an issue to which almost all of us give some thought, yet it is by no means a question easy to unpack and explore.
She proceeding to methodically unpack the plastic bag with which she'd been supplied by the clerk.
After the European Juniors, she will barely have time to unpack her bags before flying out to Florida, where she will join a top college's athletics programme.
On the other hand, the analysis does not unpack the domestic British economy into its constituent parts or regions.
let us unpack this question
you can unpack specified files and directories