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unorthodox / неортодоксальный, оригинальный
имя прилагательное
unorthodox, heterodox
original, ingenious, novel, own, individual, unorthodox
имя прилагательное
contrary to what is usual, traditional, or accepted; not orthodox.
he frequently upset other scholars with his unorthodox views
I came up with matching words such as distinct, novel, unconventional, unorthodox .
With his orthodox and unorthodox batting, he lambasts any type of bowling, tearing it into shreds.
They will be in all sorts of places, orthodox and unorthodox , and there will be lots to choose from.
The former teacher has had an unusual career and he is well-known for his unorthodox , easy-going style.
Blaise Pascal's father had unorthodox educational views and decided to teach his son himself.
In many cultures, it is still seen as unusual or unorthodox for women to enjoy the act of sex.
Their unorthodox approach has also met with academic approval.
You have a rather unorthodox style of law enforcement, if I can put it that way, Sheriff.
She was happy to live an extremely unorthodox way of life, travelling with him and content to remain alone when necessary.
Faith in his own decision-making has made Watt an unorthodox football type since his days as a teenager on Celtic's books.