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unoriginal / неоригинальный, заимствованный
имя прилагательное
unoriginal, stereotyped, imitative, ready-for-service, ready-made, ready-to-wear
adopted, unoriginal
имя прилагательное
lacking originality; derivative.
an uninteresting and unoriginal essay
Sometimes sharp writing and tremendous actor chemistry can revitalize unoriginal and boring material.
However, a Workers Online search of industrial insults painted the manager's effort as both unoriginal and lame.
Look, you guys can say all you like that this was unoriginal or derivative, but I've seen the films he's ripping off and you know what?
My initial snap judgment was that it was unoriginal and rather boring, but as I got to know it and the performers better, I found it infinitely touching.
It seems that uni, and me in particular, tends to attract these enthusiastic, unoriginal dull types.
It's all bland, unoriginal pap that will only appeal to the nostalgia-seekers of the original BSB generation.
In short there's little to recommend this tired and unoriginal movie, and very little in it that hasn't been endlessly recycled before.
Suddenly, my comfortable city life seemed boring and unoriginal .
It's stale, unoriginal , formulaic, repetitive, and shows as much originality and passion as a tribute band.
This essay manages to be dull, unoriginal and strange all at the same time.