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unorganized / неорганизованный
имя прилагательное
not organized.
a sea of unorganized data
A novel of the happenings of war is an attempt to organize the unorganized , to give form and meaning to chaos.
Boulding describes how this was largely due to Gandhi, who was responsible for the transition from informal and unorganized to formal and organized non-violence as a political strategy.
There must be renewed emphasis on building real, grassroots organizations of committed citizens who can operate throughout the country, starting with a commitment to help unions organize the unorganized .
If manufacturing is not organized, there will be nothing to stop the race to the bottom in wages, benefits and working conditions for all organized and unorganized workers in all industries.
Soccer suffers from both a lack of organized and unorganized availability to the youngest of athletes, and a complexity that makes it hard to appreciate without having played the sport.
Within a few years, the previously unorganized building workers of New York became one of the largest segments of the national union.
Although it is a generalization, loose aggressive players typically maintain unorganized / sloppy stacks, while tight conservative players keep well organized/neat stacks.
Unions campaigning for changes that benefit all workers - organized and unorganized - will demonstrate in a new way the value of unions to the broader population.
Although labor is obviously better served when it is organized into trade unions to bargain with a unified voice, the bargaining between labor and capital goes on even if workers are unorganized .
During his campaign, Miller suggested that under his leadership the UMW would be dedicated to organizing the unorganized , many of whom were surface miners, as well as working for good reclamation.