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unobtainable / недоступный, недостижимый
имя прилагательное
inaccessible, out of reach, unapproachable, unobtainable, impenetrable, inapproachable
unattainable, unreachable, unachievable, unobtainable, unapproachable, reachless
имя прилагательное
not able to be obtained.
You can whine all you want about the way men treat you (usually, like dirt), but it's the challenge of obtaining the unobtainable that thrills you.
Some things are just plain unobtainable : it's impossible, for example, to find blue fountain pen ink in the standard cartridges around here.
They were so sexy and unobtainable that leading royals and The Beatles begged for them.
The call is diverted, the number unobtainable , the voice at the end of the line is not the person in charge.
And when they are, they're entirely unobtainable - and it's hard to convince a man that you're the girl of his dreams while tearing his ticket…
Then I found their phone number was unobtainable and they didn't return my emails and now my fears have been confirmed.
But there seems no reason why this scheme should not work and provide an otherwise unobtainable massive injection of resources for a financially hard-hit National Health Service.
Twentieth-century bonbons and sweets made in France include numerous skilfully marketed regional specialities, traditional or modern, unobtainable anywhere else.
The novel is not about a quest to find this rare, priceless artefact, but about the emotional fall-out from suddenly fulfilling a dream, an unobtainable dream which he has used to insulate and protect himself.
They grow well enough in several states but are unobtainable in Washington.
We know that the targets are challenging but we have no reason to think that they are unobtainable .