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unnerve / нервировать, расстраивать, обессиливать
irritate, unnerve, spook, fidget, harrow
upset, unsettle, detune, disturb, thwart, unnerve
unnerve, emasculate, enervate
make (someone) lose courage or confidence.
the bleakness of his gaze unnerved her
Healthcare professionals should not withhold information out of concern that it will upset or unnerve a patient.
This is one of those things that unnerves me about all of our new police forces and homeland security services and domestic intelligence agencies.
The natural assumption is that having a reporter in the room is unnerving her.
In the middle section of the courtroom is the elevated bench where three judges sit directly facing - and unnervingly close to - the witness and us, the public.
It unnerved me to hear that I had lost that much track of time and felt nothing from it.
They seem archetypically familiar, but are unnervingly modern, with ironic and nostalgic nods to Gothic fairy tales, '50s iconography, and classic mythology.
After the grace and concern of the Arabs, this jolt of American culture unnerved me.
With a seat in the cabinet at the age of 36 (the youngest woman to achieve such a position), an unnervingly quick mind for figures and a reputation for self-assured flair in all of her jobs, Kelly could make anyone feel like an underachiever.
Such unauthorized activity unnerves many people, especially those who seek control and regimentation, whether political or cultural.
He makes unnervingly direct eye contact, flashes his cat-who-ate-the-canary smile, and then crushes your hand in his.