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unnamed / безымянный, неупомянутый
имя прилагательное
nameless, anonymous, unnamed, innominate, without a name, anon
имя прилагательное
not having a name.
a new but yet unnamed African violet
The contract between a reporter and an unnamed source - the offer of information in return for anonymity - is properly a binding one.
‘We know why people are watching these races,’ said an unnamed campaign aide.
But Britain has continued to insist it has intelligence that Iraq did make such an attempt, passed on by an unnamed third country whose identity has not been revealed.
The family moves out of their unnamed city to an unnamed suburban area to start again.
The British were engaged, and routed, and then defeated en masse at an unnamed river normally identified as the Thames.
The story takes place in an unnamed Pacific Coast city in 1949.
The country goes unnamed , but the viewer can fill in a name that probably won't be far off the mark.
It turns out that they have been placed there by the Jigsaw Killer, a serial murderer rampaging through the unnamed city.
School's out in an unnamed Japanese city and dour young Masao is at a loss.
The ‘Vanity Fair’ excerpt, by the way, was filled with unnamed sources.