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unmissable / нельзя пропустить
имя прилагательное
so good that it should not be missed.
the special effects make this an unmissable treat
so clear or obvious that it cannot be missed.
Vanessa was watching an American thriller show, in which thousands of bullets vanished into thin air just short of apparently unmissable human targets.
Come to think of it, unless my memory has completely glazed over with the overwhelming sense of amazement, I could have sworn I missed a few bites that were of the unmissable type!
A sublime, unmissable piece of cinema and a rare treat.
If you missed the unmissable Love Rocket, you can catch them at Sickofantic's summer gig on July 16th at the Queens Hall, Narberth.
And yet, architecturally, it is a trumpet blast: an extraordinary structure that is striking, clear and unmissable .
The unmissable caricatures of Alan Snow scattered through A Turn in the Grave, written by ‘Bowvayne’, make this one for children to read to themselves.
The defender does not believe, however, that this is a reflection on how he attacks his on-field tasks but rather a consequence of his 6ft 5in frame making him an easy, and unmissable , target.
Calling this match became something of a lottery and it was only by word of mouth yesterday that we learned that wing Colin Shaw had got the third try, although his second was an absolute corker and totally unmissable .
Instead, she wore one of her oversized T-shirts with the unmissable message ‘58% don't want Pershing’.
The Festival got off to a poignant start with a minute silence dedicated to the late Conor O'Callaghan who's work on and passion for the Festival saw it grow from a small summer festival to a crowd pulling unmissable musical feast.
This feeling was compounded when Conway skewed an unmissable free about ten metres west of the posts from the fourteen yard line minutes later.