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unmentionable / неприличный, нецензурный
имя прилагательное
indecent, obscene, rude, improper, unbecoming, unmentionable
unprintable, unquotable, unmentionable, unrepeatable
имя существительное
невыразимые предметы нижнего белья
имя прилагательное
too embarrassing, offensive, or shocking to be spoken about.
the unmentionable subject of incontinence
имя существительное
a person or thing that is too shocking or embarrassing to be mentioned by name.
wearing nothing but fig leaves over their unmentionables
Bryan and I have been talking about baby timing for a while now, and my biggest concern - aside from the possibility of ending up with stitches in unmentionable places - was that we be completely settled somewhere first.
When he does mention the unmentionable , as an aside, the effect is callous.
There was a flicker of interest in Latham in the opening moments of the not-very-great debate - when he tackled the other unmentionable issues, Iran and the war against terror.
This particular kind of death makes people skittish, thinking suicide either a shameful or unmentionable kind of death.
One source said: ‘It has been the big unmentionable , but it's back on the agenda.’
Confirmed believers aside, isn't the price we demand for our conviction a perpetual insulation against the unmentionable fear and unimaginable pain that come with premature loss of our loved ones?
They do business with China, but they have to treat Cuba as the great unmentionable , the pariah.
‘The unmentionable odour of death,’ he wrote, ‘offends the September night.’
As mortgage lenders last week upgraded their forecasts for house price inflation this year, commentators began whispering those two, until this moment, unmentionable words ‘hard landing’.
The weapons of mass destruction lies went entirely unchallenged, while the great unmentionable throughout the entire debate was the imperialist ambitions of the US.