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unmeasured / неизмеренный, чрезмерный, безмерный
имя прилагательное
unmeasured, unsounded
excessive, over, undue, superfluous, exceeding, unmeasured
immense, immeasurable, measureless, excessive, unmeasured, exceeding
exorbitant, unreasonable, extravagant, unmeasured
immeasurable, unfathomable, unmeasured, measureless, fathomless, immensurable
имя прилагательное
not having been measured.
unmeasured risk factors
immense; limitless.
he is regarded by his congregation with unmeasured adoration
Empire should stay where it is and continue to operate and give what it has given over 70yrs unmeasured joy and fun for million who congregate at this renowned/legendary venue.
Measures of economic output that try to correct for traditionally unmeasured or mismeasured inputs lead to different productivity estimates than the traditional approaches.
Failure to account for an unmeasured risk factor could have artificially inflated or deflated the relative risks for the landfill versus reference areas.
Adjustment had little impact on measures of association, but confounding by unmeasured factors cannot be ruled out.
Another potential adverse effect is the unmeasured risk of reinforcing the smoking habit in some of the four of five adult smokers who are told that they have normal results for spirometry testing.
I want to muse upon things other than numbers when I drive, want to cultivate a subconscious sense of where I am and where I'm headed, want to enjoy unmeasured moments of suspension between here and there.
Other unmeasured factors such as maternal age or territory quality may influence brood sex ratio and could be correlated with
A sort of affinity and identification contributed to the unmeasured success of the play.
We will find our identity in Him and reflect His glory as we were created to do, and that will bring us unmeasured joy.
It is likely that this association is at least partially due to unmeasured genetic factors.