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unmeaning / бессмысленный
имя прилагательное
nonsensical, senseless, meaningless, pointless, mindless, unmeaning
имя прилагательное
having no meaning or significance; meaningless.
a sweet, unmeaning smile
The very human desire to find pattern in random data - meaning in a cold, unmeaning world - is alive and well.
Yes, we have songs with unmeaning words, sounds which just help to act as carriers of the notes.
If it does not do this it becomes spasmodic and unmeaning , like correspondence which is too much underlined ’.
For what happens is that one by one the moral and metaphysical temptations are dismissed as unreal or unmeaning .
The prospects for an improvement in relations between India and Pakistan are limited by the fact that ‘dialogue ‘is the most unmeaning word in the lexicon of South Asian politics.’
There are persons who love you but unmeaningly hurt you, and there are those who unmeaningly hurt you for their own selfish emotional reasons.
The story shows a lot of family love, Christian family values and how we can unmeaningly do wrong because we are too stubborn to open our eyes.
Yes, and to think I was causing the laughter unmeaningly .
A long, rolling stream, of words no one would ever use, to endless monotonous, polysyllabic, unchanging rhythms, in which rhymes went unmeaningly by like the telegraph posts, every fifty yards, of a railway journey.
There is nothing said idly and unmeaningly in the Scripture, and such a declaration as this especially demands attention.