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unmarked / неотмеченный, незамеченный, немеченый
имя прилагательное
unmarked, unnoted
unnoticed, unheeded, unobserved, unwitnessed, unnoted, unmarked
имя прилагательное
not marked.
an unmarked police car
not noticed.
it's a pleasure to reward them for work which might otherwise go unmarked
Due to human error at some stage, this section of yellow line markings was left unmarked .
He was caught doing 58 mph in a 50 mph zone by an unmarked police car, held his hands up and paid the £60 fine with three points.
She eventually pushed her attacker away and ran back out into the road where she got help from police officers in an unmarked car.
Sinn Fein is understood to have given assurances of fresh co-operation to identify their unmarked graves, allowing their families to lay them to rest.
The door was unmarked and completely blank except for a single word written in a dark red script: Wayward.
Additive particles, however, occur in a second, equally unmarked pattern: the RC preceding the main stressed particle.
Police video footage showed Jackson meeting police at an airport in California and getting into an unmarked police car.
Well, the first anniversary of this website went unmarked on November 12th.
The cemetery on the hill contains 40 freshly dug graves, unmarked and identical.
If Chaucer's death went unmarked in the public world, his loss was deeply felt by the poets who followed after him.