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unmannerly / невоспитанный, грубый, невежливый
имя прилагательное
rude, boorish, discourteous, unmannered, ignorant, unmannerly
rude, rough, gross, coarse, crude, unmannerly
rude, impolite, discourteous, uncivil, disrespectful, unmannerly
имя прилагательное
not having or showing good manners.
uncouth, unmannerly fellows
‘Thanks in advance Dale,’ the Cat chirped before diving into the menu, but not without adding, ‘Not like a certain other unmannerly dog here.’
He's kvetching about how all his work for the Irish Republic has earned him only ‘the daily spite of this unmannerly town’ and Maud Gonne reproves him.
Not only does Hamlet appear more rational than the King and Queen suspect but he also seems quite willing to perform madness, thus meeting the expectations of his audience, in order to speak in an uncensored and unmannerly fashion.
The Swedish manager of the time was Ole Nordin and the unmannerly snub clearly still rankles as much as his omission.
Chase is weird… that would be impolite… unmannerly .
Honey, the local learning facility is filled with students like those horrible unmannerly children in that establishment I sent you to.
These have led to some perilous moments, especially when the public's unmannerly curiosity about the nitty-gritty collides with radio phone-ins.
Yet, the possibility always remains that the signifying capabilities of the tongue, and, more generally, the body will exceed the narrow scope of its assignment, becoming rude, unmannerly , undisciplined, and uncivilized.
And I felt angry for a moment, I thought, how unmannerly , how unlike me or him, to come equipped with an accessory I would never have dreamed of possessing.
I think, certainly before Irish independence, he found London a far more engaging and stimulating city than he found the daily spite of the unmannerly town that was Dublin.