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unmanaged / неуправляемый
имя прилагательное
not controlled or regulated.
a critique of unmanaged capitalism
(of land) left wild; in a natural state.
Properties are classified into nine classes from residential to unmanaged forest land to farms.
It is the unmanaged Nature that stressed our developing beings to make us strong, that provided not only physical sustenance but the avenues for both love and loss: the genesis of human compassion.
How important to children is wilderness or relatively unmanaged nature, and what kind of nature study and outdoor challenge programs provide the most positive experience with nature for children?
Dr Winiata showed on TV the other night during a rowdy and unmanaged debate just how quietly sensible, measured and controlled they can be.
Unfortunately, efficiency in hunting in the unmanaged commons of the pre-Neolithic world, leads only down the road towards Malthusian crisis.
Hill farming is on the brink of a rapid and unmanaged collapse without help through the major changes it faces, according to new research by the National Trust.
These unmanaged or under-managed markets charged very little - we paid a mere $5 to $15 each week - and sales were lower.
Habitat associations of epiphytic lichens in managed and unmanaged forest stands in Nova Scotia
‘So much has gone on that has been unmanaged , uncontrolled or not even in writing,’ he says.
From a technology perspective, the three most salient issues are: sizing and deployment, controlling unmanaged data and training - all the way down to the user level.
Rousseau asked that that part of the forest be left unmanaged , preserved for true nature lovers such as the Barbizon artists.