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unmanageable / трудный, непокорный
имя прилагательное
difficult, hard, tough, tight, arduous, unmanageable
disobedient, unruly, recalcitrant, insubordinate, unsubmissive, unmanageable
имя прилагательное
difficult or impossible to manage, manipulate, or control.
his behavior was becoming unmanageable at home
Little showed admirable poise trying to manage the unmanageable Red Sox bullpen.
Administering all ten techniques to control spam effectively can quickly become unmanageable .
History teaches us that unless these pernicious tendencies are scotched, they grow to become unmanageable monsters later on.
But by then, of course, the problem would have become unmanageable .
Knowing some of the local politics I am aware that trying to support six chief executives, all with different working styles, may be an unmanageable job.
A further delay in the price hike would increase the budget deficit to an unmanageable level and strengthen inflationary pressures.
‘The cases which are coming into court in almost unmanageable numbers are the tip of the iceberg,’ he said.
Consumer groups and MPs have warned that people could be storing up problems for the future, with rising interest rates making debts unmanageable .
Step 1: Admit that your are powerless over your egos and past glories, that your lives have become unmanageable .
I would say my life had become unmanageable , and I was having problems with both the medications and the alcohol.