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unlucky / неудачный, несчастливый
имя прилагательное
unsuccessful, failed, unfortunate, unlucky, abortive, unhappy
unhappy, unfortunate, unlucky, untoward, infelicitous, ill-fated
имя прилагательное
having, bringing, or resulting from bad luck.
an unlucky defeat
One was to tell me how unlucky I was not to have been selected and the other was to invite me to attend for interview.
Sersea was unlucky at the start of the final period when the puck rung against the pipes and shot back into play.
The visitors were unlucky to see Alan Inns have a shot cleared off the line and Currie head against a post.
The Big Brother housemates have chosen two unlucky plebs who face eviction on Friday.
McFadden's character is unlucky in love and a nasty piece of work because of it.
It might be unlucky for some, but the Reebok hit man is aiming to hit 13 this season.
It was a bold gesture because they have both preciously been unlucky in love.
The worst case scenario is when you are unlucky enough to have someone you love or your family murdered.
If your middle name is unlucky , you may never get that far before the next season's floods arrive.
Marton cum Grafton were unlucky not to share the points in their home game with Hemingbrough.