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unloved / нелюбимый
имя прилагательное
unloved, loveless
имя прилагательное
not loved.
The other night we saw a poor, abandoned, unwanted, unloved creature by the side of the road.
There is also an issue about child abuse, that unwanted children will be unloved and abused.
Feeling unloved and neglected by her husband during his days as player, she embarks on a love affair with a writer, Max Halliday.
There are some children in the world who are unwanted, or unloved by their parents.
Lucy, who lives locally, says even as a young girl she felt alienated from her family - unloved and unwanted.
I'm starting to develop a new fondness for my poor, unloved , rejected rejects.
Now, if this show was unpopular and unloved by the masses, I would buy the argument that people are turned off by the fast-talking.
This is why I am pro-choice. If there are unwanted pregnancies is it a reason to bring children into the world that may be unwanted and unloved ?
Just because a baby is aborted, this does not mean it was unloved or unwanted, It just simply wasn't the right time.
Now, however, public libraries are under the cosh; neglected, unloved , misunderstood and abused.
Is it not a huge problem in today's society that there are too many children who are unloved and neglected?