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unload / разгружать, выгружать, разгружаться
unload, discharge, offload, dump, disgorge, detrain
disembark, unload, debark, checkpoint
unload, disgorge
remove goods from (a vehicle, ship, container, etc.).
she hadn't finished unloading the car
remove (ammunition) from a gun or (film) from a camera.
They only had a range of about three furlongs and the film had to be unloaded from the camera and rushed to a dark room on the track to be processed before it could be shown to the stewards.
It's like I couldn't unload my feelings somehow.
Two trucks can unload at the same time while two others are being cleaned.
We can barter for somefing perhaps ya want to unload some anger?
No wonder owner Martin Peretz was eager to unload controlling interest in the magazine to investors Michael Steinhardt and Roger Hertog.
It was difficult to say who was more pleased - the scientist, because of the enthusiasm of the children or the children, because they got to unload their curiosity.
All vehicles that need to unload goods at the shops on the street will be allowed to do so after business hours, the sources said.
Lorries and vans blocked two of Bolton busiest main roads, and tempers boiled over as Ashburner Street stallholders arrived to find they could not unload their goods.
Baltimore remains a major port, but the ships unload in newly built facilities situated miles from the Inner Harbor.
Sometimes it is easier to unload emotions on a complete stranger rather than to risk burdening one's kith & kin.
By Wednesday or Thursday, shipping clerks at the store unload the truck and stock their shelves with the flo or-ready merchandise from the boxes.