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unlit / неосвещенный, незажженный, темный
имя прилагательное
unlit, unlightened
unlit, unlighted
dark, obscure, deep, black, murky, unlit
имя прилагательное
not provided with lighting.
an unlit staircase
not having been set alight.
his unlit pipe
She stared past Kevin, into the dark, unlit fireplace.
The fire place was large, black and though unlit , obviously used for its original purpose and not as a holder for some cheap dried flower arrangement.
Still, it was too damned bright and there were only so many books I wanted to read, and I despaired, till I noticed a door to an unlit staircase.
Jerin started the car and started home in the dark unlit street.
Meanwhile, all of Africa and large parts of Asia would lie dark and unlit as if during a wartime bombing raid, a fate that one or two places down there would actually be enduring.
The dark hall that he was in was lined with old unlit torches and torn paintings; there was some light in the room at the end of the hallway and there sounded to be some sort of trouble there.
Iraq appeared a pretty dark, unlit corner last week.
he asked, his eyes hidden in the shadows of the unlit room.
In the darkness, the other unlit buildings were mere shadows compared to the Fortress.
And even now, in the dim lighting of her unlit house, Forest could see how much it was killing her to return home.