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unlikely / вряд ли, едва ли, навряд ли
вряд ли
hardly, unlikely, scarcely, scarce
едва ли
hardly, scarcely, unlikely, scarce, ill, illy
навряд ли
unlikely, scarcely likely
имя прилагательное
unlikely, off
incredible, improbable, fabulous, unbelievable, unlikely, unthinkable
improbable, unlikely, incredible, unthinkable, fabulous, steep
имя прилагательное
not likely to happen, be done, or be true; improbable.
an unlikely explanation
The combination makes it very unlikely so you have to make do with just this!
Business models focused on advertising in the spirit of broadcasting are therefore very unlikely to succeed.
They are most unlikely to succeed in winning a UN mandate for pre-emptive action.
Colombian diplomatic sources say it is unlikely that any of the three went to Cuba.
Other recent developments within ITV have confirmed that this scenario is unlikely to occur.
Cunnah is unlikely to let something like a labour dispute distract him from the job in hand.
Labour certainly look unlikely to benefit from a new system.
I had hoped that you might make the same attempt, but that seems increasingly unlikely at this point.
Certainly something which would have been extremely unlikely to happen in the past.
Officials now say it's possible that Discovery could lift off on Sunday but that appears pretty unlikely .