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unlicensed / нелицензированный, непатентованный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
not having an official license.
unlicensed weapons
Legislators there say they are alarmed at the number of unlicensed , uninsured illegal aliens who are driving in their state.
They carried out a thorough search of the premises for evidence of unlicensed slaughtering operations.
Ruetnarong was charged with first degree murder and illegal possession of an unlicensed weapon in a public place.
Documents seen by the Yorkshire Post also revealed the company was flouting copyright laws and using unlicensed software on office computers.
The Donkey Kong game was unlicensed by Nintendo and illicit.
‘The potential for alcohol abuse is going to be far greater in unlicensed premises,’ she said.
Likewise the supply of the service may be contrary to law, for example, in a brothel or an unlicensed casino.
Upon the coming into force of that Act on 25 May 1999 the portrait artists continued to be unlawful unlicensed street traders.
The raid was part of an Manchester Evening News-backed crackdown by the city council on unlicensed firework sales in the run-up to Bonfire Night.
To this end an amnesty period of three to six months should be declared to allow those in possession of illegal unlicensed guns to turn them in to the authorities.