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unless / если не, пока не
если не
if not, unless, without, except, but, nisi
пока не
за исключением
except, except for, with the exception of, to the exclusion of, excepting, unless
except, but, except for, besides, save, unless
except if (used to introduce a case in which a statement being made is not true or valid).
unless you have a photographic memory, repetition is vital
use rainwater, unless you're in an area of high pollution
we won't give out this information unless you tell us to
She does not read articles about her, unless they are sent to her by her publishers.
This was a woman who was never in a good mood unless others around her were in a bad mood.
all the photographs, unless otherwise specified, are ours
unless I'm mistaken
The couple look set to split up unless Rodney and Lesley can make them come to their senses.
unless you have a photographic memory, repetition is vital
unless he was there he didn't see it
I'll try not to change point of view in the middle of a scene, unless I need to and it works.