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unlearn / отучиться, разучиваться, забыть то, что знал
забыть то, что знал
discard (something learned, especially a bad habit or false or outdated information) from one's memory.
teachers are being asked to unlearn rigid rules for labeling and placing children
It will force you to unlearn some bad habits that you might have picked up and also allows you to upgrade your skills and aeronautical knowledge.
Change requires the individual or group to unlearn old habits, methods of performing routine tasks, and customary thought patterns.
It took me two years to unlearn everything I learned in my feminist criticism classes in college so that I could enjoy movies and television again.
teachers are being asked to unlearn rigid rules for labelling and placing children
I needed on-the-job training for this new role, but it felt as though things were moving too fast for me to unlearn old habits and learn new skills all at the same time.
An uncomfortable place that would force us to learn about our mutual dependence and unlearn patriotic virtues.
You begin to see this as a bit of a habit as well, and perhaps you can unlearn bits of it.
The programme helps participants by giving them a clear-cut plan of action to focus on positive attitude, unlearn bad habits and build healthy relationships.
It is difficult to unlearn behaviours that made us successful in the past: listening instead of speaking, valuing the contributions of others, rather than depending on yourself for everything.
Out-of-control anger is a learned behavior, so you have to unlearn it.