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unknown / неизвестное, незнакомец, неизвестная величина
имя существительное
unknown, unknown quantity
stranger, unknown, newcomer, unco
неизвестная величина
unknown, Z, X, y
имя прилагательное
unknown, strange, obscure, unheard, nameless, unbeknown
unknown, obscure, noteless, inglorious
secretly, in secrecy, stealthily, privily, underground, unknown
без ведома
unknown, without the privity, behind the back, behind one's back
имя прилагательное
not known or familiar.
exploration into unknown territory
имя существительное
an unknown person or thing.
she is a relative unknown
According to some, the depiction of Lord Shiva, by an unknown artist, was about 200 years old.
Until recently, however, the gifted Welshman was a relative unknown in these parts.
As is typically the case, Loach coaxes effective performance out of unknown actors.
Indeed, with all the attention that has surrounded him of late, it's easy to forget that Fiennes was a relative unknown outside the West End five years ago.
‘Certainly there is an element of racism in the situation in Sighthill, but the stronger factor is ignorance and myths and a fear of the unknown ,’ he said.
Yet beneath our external acceptance, which to some degree has been forced upon us, there lies a deep sense that it is not and under that a deeper fear of the unknown .
I was in a vulnerable state - easily manipulated because I could not imagine the next step, because fear of the unknown made me believe outrageous things.
The reason for this is truly mystifying as she never missed an opportunity to work with both famous and unknown singers and orchestras.
To enable the gallery to survive and make it possible to exhibit ‘difficult’ art or art by good but unknown artists, he also sells works of already famous artists.
Remarkably, this bulbous plant is relatively unknown .