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unjustified / неоправданный
имя прилагательное
unjustified, unwarranted, unwarrantable, uncleared, insupportable
имя прилагательное
not shown to be right or reasonable.
unjustified price increases
(of printed text) not justified.
The term carries negative connotations, especially the insinuation that any mistrust or fear of others is unjustified and irrational.
Oppression or unjustified imposition can never be tolerated.
Nor did he specify what action might be taken if evidence emerged of unjustified price rises.
The meeting was prompted by the high number of complaints by Bulgarian citizens of unjustified visa refusals.
This is political correctness gone mad and yet another case of unjustified stereotyping.
I believe that we will be judged on this record and not by unkind and unjustified personal remarks in the press.
The owners' response was that the charterers' complaint was unjustified .
An unjustified belief cannot transfer justification to another belief via the basis relation.
They say the increase is unjustified because the car park is a magnet for vandals and has no lighting.
Their methods and motives are now universally regarded as brutal, unfair and unjustified .