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unjustifiable / не имеющий оправдания
имя прилагательное
не имеющий оправдания
имя прилагательное
not able to be shown to be right or reasonable.
an unjustifiable restriction on their freedom
Humankind crucifies the innocent, always finding reasons to do so, always justifying the unjustifiable .
Nevertheless it seems many people are trying to justify a do-nothing response to the attack which to me seems completely unjustifiable .
I continue to think it was a despicable, utterly unjustifiable act, and even more so in the case of those others on the list who were merely accused.
Some means might possibly be unjustifiable by any ends.
Thousands are dying because of their unjustifiable tactics.
We do not accept that these matters constitute unjustifiable restrictions.
It is unfair and unjustifiable when the tax payers who pay for these utopian benefits are faced with worthless private pensions or no occupational pension at all.
Is it because of a growing cynicism against anything the government tries to push through without proper consultation, or is it unjustifiable paranoia on my part?
They are apparently the last to know people turned to downloading in large part because of the outrageous and unjustifiable prices of CDs.
‘If a two-day strike was unnecessary and unjustifiable , then an eight-day strike is even more so,’ he said.