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unity / единство, единение, единица
имя существительное
unity, oneness, solidarity, accord
unity, union, solidarity, alliance
unit, unity, one
имя существительное
the state of being united or joined as a whole.
European unity
the number one.
All these proofs use complex numbers and roots of unity , as does the author's.
European unity
The referendum at the end of an interim period of unspecified duration would be held in the context of territorial unity .
the slope of each dotted line is less than unity
Through them, they endeavor to attain harmonious unity with God, their fellow humans, and nature.
Her voice modulation is of the highest caliber, very melodious, full of harmonious unity and solid stamina.
In profile they display a unity of composition and graceful silhouettes that exceeds any preceding examples.
There are movies to see for their artistic unity , visual brilliance, or dramatic power.
He provides a degree of unity to the piece, by virtue of his repeated appearances.
It would have also given more unity to the entire piece - made them all part of one bigger story.
Siva's followers who are parents preserve family unity and teach responsibility by not granting youth financial independence.