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unitized / унифицированный
form into a single unit by combining parts into a whole.
a six-cylinder engine and a unitized body with thousands of welds
And, say industry executives, as buyers clamor for more ‘car-like’ trucks and SUVs, the pressure is increasing to transfer more light-duty trucks to unitized structures, as well.
For these vehicles, Marando says the trend is toward body-integrated-frame construction, where frame elements are integrated into a unitized body structure.
According to Maxwell, the current trend in warehouse automation in the dairy industry is palletized and unitized storage and loading.
The price for such a product is competitive with a standard unitized curtainwall.
He sites the Audi A8 as an example and refers to the Jaguar XJ as a kind of breakthrough, in that it is a sheet based unitized body so there is no frame.
We live in a world of platforms built from a unibody or unitized architecture.
Once unitized , the noun can take a range of quantifying expressions, including numerals.
The XC is built on a unitized body, and it's available as an all-wheel-drive model (a front-wheel-drive model is only offered in the United States and Europe).
Familiarity with a unit at the word level facilitates its processing by permitting access to its whole-word, unitized representation before the analysis of its constituent letters has been completed.
The front-wheel-drive Amanti has a unitized body.