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unite / объединять, объединяться, соединить
unite, combine, integrate, consolidate, aggregate, unify
unite, combine, come together, join, consolidate, incorporate
join, unite
come or bring together for a common purpose or action.
he called on the party to unite
Holding such an historic event here would be seen as a gesture to unite the whole country, one which would bring the monarchy back to the people - all the people.
Each facet is like a puzzle piece - gather them together, unite them and the whole picture begins to emerge.
The actress added how mutual cooperation made them unite into one whole being and stop thinking about who is a better partner.
nationalists want to unite Ireland
he aimed to unite Italy and Sicily under his imperial crown
he called on the party to unite
What Newton did to simplify the planetary motions must now be done to unite in one whole the various isolated theories of mathematical physics.
The whole world must unite to fight terror, no doubt about it, in all forms.
tragedies can unite or divide people
The question is, how are they to unite the whole people around a programme of land reform instituted only in Caroni?